CEEV - Comité des entreprises vins

Founded in 1960, the CEEV – Comité Européen des Entreprises Vins is the representative professional body of the EU industry and trade in Wines.

  • 23 national associations covering all wine categories: still wines, aromatised wines, sparkling wines, liqueur wines and other vine products;
  • More than 7.000 companies, mainly SMEs, producing and selling the large majority of European quality wines, with and without geographical indications;
  • More than 200.000 direct jobs in the European Union;
  • Over 90% of EU wine exports;
  • With more than €8 billion worth of exports every year, the wine sector makes a contribution of over €6 billion to the EU trade balance.

The European wine companies we represent makes a major contribution to the socioeconomic dimension of the wine sector in Europe and play a proactive role in the economies of the wine-growing regions. Our companies actually cultivate vineyards and/or enjoy privileged relationships with producers, supporting local wine-related economies by buying and producing grapes and wines, and marketing them in Europe and in the world. Through their know-how, they provide added value to wine products on their different markets worldwide and sustainable outlets consistent with consumer expectations.

From a broader perspective, the CEEV is member of the European Liaison Committee for Agricultural and Agri-Food Trade (CELCAA and the International Federation of Wine and Spirits (FIVS