EU-China wine summit at VINEXPO (14-18 June 2015, Bordeaux – France), the result of a fruitful cooperation

Brussels, 23 June 2015 - In the framework of the “EU-China wine cooperation” project, a delegation of high-level representatives of the major Chinese wine companies and the Chinese Alcohol Drinks Association (CADA) participated in a vast and polyvalent programme of activities and meetings organised by the European Wine Committee (CEEV) in collaboration with leading wine associations and companies in Europe including the Conseil Interprofessionnel des Vins de Bordeaux (CIVB).

One year after the last meeting in Europe, the representatives of the EU and China wine sectors met to exchange on the concrete collaboration on various wine-related dossiers. “We must consider wine a global affair, and transcontinental collaborations like the EU-China one are, nowadays, a necessity for the sector” said Mr Jean-Marie BARILLÈRE (President of CEEV).  Mr BARILLÈRE expressed his satisfaction with the current state-of-play of the cooperation.

One of the highlights of the programme was the organisation of a tasting of Chinese wines in VINEXPO. The tasting, which was conducted by two wine experts: Mr Demei LI (Vice-Secretary General of CADA’s wine department association) and Mr Baudouin HAVAUX (President of the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles), was the occasion to showcase a wide range of Chinese domestic wines from key regions to a packed auditorium of European and international wine professionals and journalists.

From a practical point of view, the Chinese delegation was able to exchange bilaterally with representatives of some major European wine companies and associations including FELIX SOLIS AVANTIS, CAVIRO, PIO CESARE (member of Accademia del Barolo), MASI, DONNAFUGATA, CANTINE SETTESOLI, INTER-RHÔNE, Maison LOUIS LATOUR, ADVINI, CASTEL and the CONSEIL INTERPROFESSIONNEL DES VINS DE BORDEAUX (CIVB). The latter provided a detailed presentation of the Bordeaux wines quality scheme to the Chinese representatives.

This 2-year programme represents a unique opportunity for the implementation of a technical cooperation between Europe and China, and for the construction of a smooth trade relation in the wine sector between the two regions. “This cooperation should be maintained after the 2-year programme and we are already working with CADA on the evolution of the collaboration” said Dr Ignacio SANCHEZ RECARTE (Secretary General of CEEV). Mr Zuming WANG, Deputy Secretary General of CADA also expressed his confidence on a possible extension of the cooperation programme.


Members CIVB 2

Members of the Chinese and European delegations (Location: CIVB, Bordeaux)

From left to right (back row to front row): Mr Qing FENG, Mr Yuwen WU, Mr Hong HE, Mr Zuming WANG, Mr Nicolas OZANAM, Mr Jean-Marie BARILLERE, Mr Ignacio SANCHEZ-RECARTE, Mr Sylvain NAULIN, Mr Demei LI, Mr Wanxiang JIN, Mr Xinjun CHEN, Mr Hongfu WU, Ms Yingzun FENG, Ms Weinu CHEN, Mrs Lizhong CHEN, Ms Bethléem DUBOIS, Ms Lili ZU, Mrs Ran YU. 


Companies, associations and other relevant stakeholders in the wine value chain willing to explore possibilities for participating in the implementation of this programme are invited to contact CEEV .

For further details, please contact Ms Bethléem Dubois



Note to editors - Background:

The European consortium is composed by 13 leading European wine companies and professional organizations: CEEV (coordinator) ACIBEV, AEVP, ADEPTA, FEVS, FEDERVINI, UNIONE ITALIANA VINI, Codorniu, Felix Solis Avantis SAGonzalez Byass, Moët Hennessy, Pernod Ricard Winemakers, Bodegas Miguel Torres and FEDERDOC (as a chef de file for Confagricoltura, Fedagri-Confcooperative, Anca Lega Coop, AGCIAGRITAL, Assoenologi).


The participating European companies were:


The participating Chinese companies were:

  • China Foods Limited
  • COFCO winery
  • Dynasty winery
  • Ningxia Chateau Yangyang
  • Ningxia Leirenshou winery
  • Ningxia Xixiaking winery
  • Tiansai winery
  • Yantai Changyu Pioneer


These activities are part of a comprehensive programme of technical and institutional activities agreed in a Memorandum of Understanding signed in March 2014 betweenCEEV and CADA in the framework of a fruitful B2B dialogue between both parties. The programme, to be implemented over a 2-year period, is aimed at fuelling the possibilities for business cooperation between the European and Chinese wine sectors, improving the mutual knowledge of the potential offered by both markets and boosting international cooperation.  By virtue of this programme:

  • The EU industry will facilitate technical assistance to professionals from Chinese wine companies in areas such as of winegrowing, winemaking and quality controls, marketing approaches, wine tastings, and GIs protection systems, provided through activities such as hosting study visits in Europe, seminars, and other training and internship activities;
  • The Chinese industry will assist the EU industry to organize EU wine tastings in China, and to improve the wine knowledge among the Chinese consumers, and promote the appreciation of wines and its culture building on the values of moderate and responsible consumption;
  • Both parties will set up permanent information mechanism and communication exchanges, monitor the implementation of the cooperation, and collaborate at international level on advocacy activities aimed at improving market access conditions in third countries

The programme coordinator, Comité Européen des Entreprises Vins (CEEV), represents the wine companies in the industry and trade in the European Union: still wines, sparkling wines, liqueur wines, aromatised wines and other vine products. It brings together 26 national organisations. With more than 7.000 companies, mainly SMEs, and more than 200.000 direct jobs in the EU, its members produce and market the vast majority of quality European wines, with and without a geographical indication, and account for over 90% of European wine exports. With around 8,8 billion € worth of exports every year, the wine sector makes a contribution of over 6 billion € to the EU trade balance.