Cooperation Project

The EU-China Wine Cooperation Project


On March 18th 2014, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between CEEV and CADA marking the start for the launching of an unprecedented and comprehensive business-to-business cooperation.

The signing of this cooperation project marked the end of several months of tensed relations between the two countries having for backdrop the EU-solar panel crisis and the threat of an AD-AS investigation by China on European wines.

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The program, implemented over two years (2014-2016), is aimed at

  • fueling possibilities for business cooperation between the European and Chinese wine sectors
  • improving the mutual knowledge of the potential offered by the two wine markets
  • boosting international cooperation


Built on short-term to mid-term concrete activities, the EU-China wine cooperation project will allow for a long-term collaboration based on trust with one of the fastest growing wine market in the world.


By virtue of this programme

  • 1
    The EU industry will facilitate technical assistance to professionals from Chinese wine companies in areas such as of wine growing & winemaking, methods of quality control, marketing approaches, wine tastings, and wine classification & the GI protection system, provided through activities such as study visits in Europe, seminars, and other trainings and internship activities
  • 2
    The Chinese industry will assist the EU industry to organize European wine tastings in China, and to improve the wine knowledge among the Chinese consumers, as well as promote the appreciation of wines and its culture, building on the values of moderate and responsible consumption
  • 3
    Both parties will set up permanent information mechanism and communication exchanges, monitor the implementation of the cooperation, and collaborate at international level on advocacy activities aimed at improving market access conditions in third countries