CEEV Task Force on COVID-19

On this page, you will find the latest version of CEEV materials concerning the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the Wine sector. This page will be updated regularly, for your convenience. 


CEEV Documents

docxCEEV Monitoring document on COVID-19 - version 19/06/2020

pdfCEEV Brief for EU authorities and Wine Package


CEEV Members' questionnaires on COVID-19 impact

pdfFEV (Spain) - Questionnaire to wine companies

pdfFEV (Spain) - Press Statement - Impact of COVID-19 on Spanish wine companies  (25-06-2020)

pdfACIBEV (Portugal) - Questionnaire to wine companies

pdfACIBEV (Portugal) - Third report on the impact of COVID-19  (11-05-2020) 


Additional resources

pdfGeisenheim University (Germany) - The impact of Corona on German wine growers