CELCAA reaches out to the new European Parliament to raise awareness on agri-food trade priorities

6 November 2014 - Brussels


CELCAA, the European association representing the agri-food trade, organised on 5th November 2014 a working lunch-debate at the European Parliament, under the kind hosting of MEP Daniel Caspary (EPP). 

As an active member of CELCAA, CEEV has assisted the CELCAA secretariat in organizing this event, and a considerable number of CEEV representatives from different Member States have attended the event, thereby contributing to a lively debate with the MEPs.


In addition to MEPs from various political parties (Mr. Andrieu, Mr. Dantin, Ms. Herranz-Garcia, Mr. Landsbergis, Ms. Mosca, Mr. Pabriks, Mr. Proust, Mr. Zalba-Bidegain), the lunch-debate could count on the participation of political advisers, INTA Secretariat officials, and more than 30 experts from trade sectorial associations, including CEEV. 


This event allowed experts from the Wine sector to meet some of their key national MEPs and emphasize, through a constructive and friendly debate, the crucial role of trade in the agri-food chain, as well as the importance of ambitious FTA agreements to ensure the development of a competitive and sustainable Wine sector


"The EU agri-food trade sector is strategic for the EU trade and economy as a whole. We need an EU Trade policy with ambitious goals, clear focus and appropriate resources allowing to boost agri-food trade", said José Ramon Fernandez, Secretary General of CEEV. "Wine is the top EU agriculture exporter, and represents 70% of all wine exports worldwide. Wine is a flagship product for Europe, and ambassador of the European cultures and qualities, and it is a key EU offensive interets in international negotiations. A successful EU Trade policy is key for the sustainable development of a competitive and vibrant EU wine sector."


CEEV would like to thank and congratulate CELCAA for organising such a succesful event. 


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José Ramon Fernandez, Secretary General of CEEV, addressing the audience during the lunch-debate at the European Parliament on 5th November 2014.