CEEV welcomes Commission report on the labelling of alcoholic beverages.

Brussels, 13 March 2017 – The EU wine industry welcomes the publication of European Commission report on the labelling of alcoholic beverages. In the report, the Commission proposes the industry to present within a year a self-regulatory proposal that would cover the nutritional information and the ingredient listing of alcoholic beverages.

“The report somehow acknowledges the specificity of the wine sector and opens the door to the preparation of a solution that will better fit wine's singular nature while fulfilling consumer expectations” said Jean-Marie Barillère, President of CEEV.

Wine is one of the most regulated food products and has a very detailed EU regulatory framework, which covers all definitions, oenological practices, manufacturing methods, presentation rules and labelling. This very stringent set of rules and controls, which leads to a very high quality production and a protection against consumers’ deception, also allows for the proper functioning of the Internal Market.

“Because of its nature, wine changes from one year to the other and even during the maturation process. Contrary to other industrial products, there is no pre-established recipe” said CEEV President.

CEEV considers that this specific legal and technical framework renders necessary the development of an ad hoc solution for the wine sector.

“Now the challenge is on us, and we embrace the responsibility. We are committed to giving tailored and meaningful information to wine consumers and we will explore innovative developments in the area of food information in order to propose the best-adapted way to provide this meaningful information to wine consumers” said Ignacio Sánchez Recarte, Secretary General of CEEV.

“The way to provide this information should both be adapted to the wine sector's characteristics and structure, mainly composed by SMEs, and take into account the new opportunities offered by smart and innovative means of communication. A good example is the energy information we already communicate through” he added.

CEEV considers fundamental that the system and means of communicating information to wine consumers be harmonised at European level.


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Note to Editors:

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