Policy dossiers

CEEV addresses all key developments across the EU and international policy areas that are relevant for the wine production and business in order to enable the sector to hold a permanent and constructive dialogue with the European institutions, international organizations and relevant stakeholders, and to promote the legitimate interests of the EU Wine companies.

Trade Agreements & Market Access

To improve the market access conditions for the EU wine exports, with a focus on key priority markets.

To contribute to the improvement of the environmental performance of competitive EU Wines and sector by preserving the natural assets and improving environmentally sustainable viticulture practices, while preventing disproportionate burdens, barriers to trade and distortions of competition.

To preserve the proper functioning of the Internal Market, avoiding increases of minimum excise duties on wine products and promoting the smooth implementation of the EMCS.

To improve the smooth functioning of the Internal Market, focused on consumer interests, avoiding disproportioned regulatory burdens and trade distorting factors.

Common Market Organisation and Wine Regulatory Issues

To reinforce the competitiveness and market-orientation of the EU Wine sector

Supporting the evolution of the EU R&D policy and funding framework, allowing to increase the scale and impact of the EU investment in research on wine, adapted to the unique experimentation and technological needs and the specific structure of the EU wine sector, and contributing to reinforce the sustainable competitiveness of the EU wine sector and its world leadership in viti-viniculture

To mobilize the positive contribution of the Wine sector in reducing the harmful use of alcohol, supporting the legitimate place of moderate and responsible consumption of wine as compatible with a healthy lifestyle in our societies