The UK is the world’s second largest importer of wine by volume and by value (€ 4.4 billion per year) and a significant market for EU wines. UK consumers have enjoyed EU wines for centuries and should be able to continue to do so under the future bilateral trade relationship. Wine imports are also vital to the British economy, insofar as they generate employment, including EU citizens working in the UK for the EU wine industry (regional/local headquarters, production or distribution subsidiary…).
Ensuring smooth wine trade flows and business relationship is therefore of vital importance to both sides of the Channel.

In March 2020, seven weeks after the UK left the European Union, CEEV and its UK member Wine & Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) issued a common position flagging the 6 priorities of the wine companies for a smooth wine trade flow under the future EU-UK Association Agreement :

  • Zero tariffs on wine and aromatized wine products
  • Alignment of wine regulations through specific Wine Annex and bilateral Wine Committee
  • Paperless trade and simplified import/circulation procedures
  • Protection of Geographical Indications and trademarks
  • Clear functioning of the Ireland and Northern Ireland borders
  • Provisions for governance arrangements

common position on the future
EU-UK Association Agreement

CEEV and WSTA are committed to ensuring that the future trade relationship between the EU and the UK be free from trade disruption and preserve consumers’ confidence.