About us

Our mission

CEEV aims at promoting a social, economic and legal environment that favours the sustainable and responsible development of a competitive EU Wine sector, and enhance the legitimate place of Wine and its culture, in Europe and in the world.

CEEV is a key European professional platform which leads the dialogue and coordination in the combined European and international wine sector.

CEEV is the voice of the EU Wine Companies and leads successful dialogue and advocacy of the EU Wine sector towards the European and international institutions in all policy areas affecting the Wine business .

Our activities and services are:

  • Advocacy, representation and communication activities: permanent constructive and responsible dialogue with the relevant national, European and international authorities and other stakeholders with a view to promoting the legitimate common interests of CEEV members and communicate them to relevant audiences.
  • Organising CEEV meetings and events: ensuring appropriate consultation with a view to adopting and disseminating common positions.
  • Information and analysis: collecting and circulating among our members information regarding the key EU policy areas of priority for the CEEV sphere of interest.
  • Providing legal, technical, economic or commercial advice relating to the activities of the EU and other international institutions concerning dossiers within the CEEV sphere of interest.
  • Carrying out or coordinating studies or research on these dossiers.
  • Providing the sector’s professionals with a unique platform to discuss and adopt positions and implement actions within the framework of a structured professional network as CELCAA and FIVS


Our vision

CEEV believes in a competitive European Wine sector developing business in a sustainable and responsible way, focused on consumer interests, in an increasingly competitive global environment free from disproportioned regulatory and trade distorting factors.

Our values

CEEV is committed to promote excellence of identity, quality and image of the European wines and sector in Europe and worldwide.

Focused on the interests of consumers, CEEV is committed to promote moderate and responsible patterns of consumption of wine, thereby contributing to reduce harmful use of alcohol. CEEV actively supports the Wine In Moderation, Art de Vivre programme.

CEEV is committed to promote production and trading practices that are environmentally sound, socially equitable and economically feasible.

CEEV is committed to contribute to the improvement of the competitiveness of the EU wine sector in the global market, advocating for:

  • a fair production and trading environment free from disproportionate regulatory burdens, trade barriers and fiscal taxes, on both internal and external markets;
  • appropriate protection of intellectual property rights against usurpation, counterfeiting or any other form of fraud;
  • enhanced tools and support to research and innovation.