As the voice of the EU wine companies, CEEV’s key mission is to lead and coordinate the dialogue among the combined European and international wine sector, and to defend the common interests of EU wine companies towards the relevant national, European, international authorities and stakeholders in all policy areas affecting the wine sector.

Through our advocacy and representation activities, we aim at defending the legitimate place of the wine sector and culture in Europe and in the world, keeping in mind our four core values:

  • Excellence

CEEV is committed to promoting excellence in the identity, quality and image of European wines.

  • Responsibility

With the interests of consumers at heart, CEEV is committed to promoting a moderate and responsible consumption of wine, to contribute to reducing harmful use of alcohol. CEEV is a founding member and active supporter of the Wine in Moderation programme.

  • Sustainability

CEEV is committed to promoting production and trading practices that are environmentally sound, socially equitable and economically feasible, for the sake of the wine sector’s sustainability.

  • Competitiveness

CEEV is committed to improving the competitiveness of the EU wine sector on the global market and therefore advocates for:

  • Fair production and trading environments, free from disproportionate regulatory burdens, trade barriers and fiscal taxes, on both internal and external markets;
  • Appropriate protection of intellectual property rights, preventing usurpation, counterfeiting or any other form of fraud;
  • Adequate research and innovation developments, to allow the wine sector to grow sustainably while remaining competitive.

In addition to leading a permanent constructive dialogue with relevant stakeholders at all levels to promote the common interests of EU wine companies, CEEV also provides its member associations and companies with legal and technical expertise on relevant developments at EU and international levels, as well as a unique platform to discuss common position and implement coordinated actions.