A changing framework

Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011 on the provision of food information to consumers (FIC) exempted alcoholic beverages above 1.2% abv from the mandatory indication of the list of ingredients and the nutrition declaration.

However, the EU wine sector has been asking proactively to the EU institutions the adoption of new mandatory labelling rules to respond to consumers expectations and increase transparency while harmonising an adapted communication on wines and aromatised wine products.


EU wine sector request materialised in the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) legal package, where, for the first time ever in the food sector, the communication of mandatory information through digital means (e-labels) will be authorised for wines and aromatized wine products. 

New specific rules applicable to wine and aromatised wine products will be adopted by the EU institutions in fall 2021, and, by November 2023, all wines and aromatised wine producs commercialised in the EU, indepenently of their origin, will have to communicate the list of ingredients and the full nutrition declaration on-label or online.

Today’s consumers expect more transparency on the products they consume, and digital labelling can respond to this demand by boosting the information that wine companies share with their consumers. To better understand how e-labels can empower consumers, read the CEEV brief on Wine consumers and e-labels.

CEEV commitment

Conscious of the challenge faced by wine companies when trying to jump into the digital communication, CEEV decided to develop a project to provide a service and support all wine companies wishing to use e-labels, even ahead of the application of the new rules.

The project aims also at clarifying, harmonising and reinforcing the concept and feasibility of e-labels vis-à-vis European and national authorities. The U-label project was born.


CEEV, together with spiritsEUROPE, and in collaboration with an IT company, has created a digital platform, U-label (www.u-label.com), to support wine and spirits companies in their journey towards the digitalization of consumer information through the generation of e-labels. 

These e-labels will allow companies to communicate digitally and multilingually, among others, information on the composition of their products all of it in compliance with the new EU legislation that will become applicable in 2023. 

U-label offers a secured and trusted environment that allows companies to easily start building their digital information strategy and provide clear, relevant and accurate information to their consumers. The U-label platform offers, at an affordable price, some unique features that will make it considerably easier for companies to embark on this digital journey:

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Integrated expertise on EU legal requirements for wine, aromatised wine and spirits products labelling


Automatic translation of all structured information into 24 EU languages


Content can be modified at any time and is instantly adapted on all products, in real time.


Complete autonomy for companies to create new e-labels and manage existing ones.

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