The European Union is committed to protecting, preserving and improving the environment for present and future generations, by designing and implementing policies that contribute to the environmental sustainability of the EU as a whole. In this framework and for several years now, research and innovation have been playing a crucial role in helping the EU to strive for more and set ever more ambitious challenges, such as the European Green Deal, aiming for climate neutrality by 2050.

At the heart of the EU’s agenda, environment, research and innovation are also a priority for the EU wine sector, which is committed to supporting the development of comprehensive EU R&D policy and funding framework, to promoting EU investment in a research agenda specific to wine, adapted to the unique needs and structure of the wine sector and contributing to reinforce the sustainable competitiveness of the EU wine sector and its world leadership.

CEEV's priorities

  • To improve the environmental performance of the EU wine sector by preserving natural assets and promoting environmentally sustainable wine-making practices.
  • To overcome the uncoordinated proliferation of environmental standards that prevents wine companies from being more competitive at international level.
  • To support the EU in developing appropriate and adapted tools to measure wines’ and wine companies’ environmental performance and communicate it to consumers.
  • To promote the improvement of the energy and environmental performance of wine production and trade, identifying opportunities for innovation, and coordinating the EU wine sector’s efforts towards a more environmentally sustainable viticulture as our sector’s contribution to the European Green Deal.
  • To facilitate exchange and dissemination of environmental best practice within the EU wine industry, which is extremely atomized, widely dispersed geographically and dominated by a large number of small structures