Founded in 1960, CEEV – Comité Européen des Entreprises Vins – is the association representing the European wine companies in the industry and trade of all wine categories: still wines, sparkling wines, liqueur wines, aromatised wines and other vine products.

Taken together, the 7.000 companies – mainly SMEs – represented by CEEV produce and market the vast majority of quality European wines, both with and without geographical indication, and account for over 90% of European wine exports.

They bring a major contribution to the socio-economic dimension of the European wine sector and play a pro-active role in the economy of wine-growing regions. Indeed, whether they cultivate their own vineyards or work closely with grape-growers, our companies support local wine-related economies by producing wines and selling them in Europe and all over the world. Through their expertise and know-how, they also contribute to promoting the prestigious image of European wine on the different markets worldwide.

From a broader perspective, CEEV is closely connected to other wine- and agri-food-related bodies at European and global level, and is a member of the European Liaison Committee for Agricultural and Agri-Food Trade (CELCAA,, the Wine in Moderation programme (  and the International Federation of Wine and Spirits (FIVS,